The Dive

Documenting 70km of Wellington's Coast

7 days of events along Wellington’s amazing coastline, held by Explore Your Coast and Wellington’s community and sports groups.

Come and a look beneath the waves and follow our volunteer citizen scientists as they document Wellington’s marine life. Our scientists will be collecting crucial data to help create plans for coastal management and support marine restoration projects.

What is the Dive

Scuba diver and marine citizen scientist Nicole Miller will be diving and documenting Wellington’s coast. Between 27 Jan to 11 Feb 2024, Nicole will dive along nearly 70 km coastline. Nicole will be taking videos and photos to document Wellington’s Blue Belt – the shallow coastal marine space around the South Coast and Wellington Harbour. The dive is a joint effort between Nicole and a team of Explore Your Coast volunteers.

Our goal

Our marine life is diverse and beautiful. We want to keep it that way, and help it where we can.

The goal of the dive is to document Wellington’s marine life using underwater videos and photos. This footage will be used by citizen science groups to do things like:

  • understand the current state of Wellington’s marine ecosystem
  • measure any future changes against what’s there now
  • spot any problems in the ecosystem.

Dive events

Each day of Explore Your Coast Wellington,  Nicole and her support team will be diving at a different location on either Wellington’s South Coast or inside Wellington Harbour.

 We’ll be following Nicole and her team and post updates as they go along. You can get involved, too. Join one of the many events to:

  • dive, snorkel or swim along
  • see kelp forests, sponge gardens and the marine life of the Taputeranga marine reserve
  • find out about our coasts from marine scientists and experts
  • from shore use our Virtual Reality headsets to see Wellington’s underwater world without getting wet.

The Explore Your Coast team and local community and sports groups run events along the featured Wellington coastline. Find out more about the when and where the events are on our Events page. Many of the events are weather dependent. For daily updates connect with us on Facebook.

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